Subsquid Testnet Phase 2: What You Need To Know

After a massively successful Phase 1 of the Subsquid testnet, we are excited to announce that Phase two is set to begin tomorrow, January 15th, 2024!

Read the full description of the testnet on CoinList

Here’s what you need to know, whether you’re just getting started in the testnet (welcome!) or if you’ve been with us since day one:  

  1. Migration to Arbitrum Sepolia: As you probably know, Arbitrum Goerli has been deprecated globally. Phase 2 of the testnet will take place on Arbitrum Sepolia. If you participated in phase 1 as a community or dev participant, your tSQD tokens have already been migrated. See the token on Arbiscan here.  
  2. We have removed one zero: We’ve recalibrated the testnet rewards system. All token reward amounts have been reduced by a factor of 10, ensuring fair and accurate distribution for phase 2. This means that for every 10 tSQD received in Phase 1, you should have 1 tSQD currently.
  3. Token delegation - Live soon!: Phase 2 introduces token delegation to network workers. Please stay tuned for the launch of delegation quests, coming soon after the initial worker nodes have been fully integrated.
  4. SepoliaETH faucet: To participate in the testnet, you'll need Arbitrum SepoliaETH for transaction fees. Begin by using public faucets like Sepolia Faucet, then bridge to Arbitrum Sepolia using the Arbitrum Bridge.
  5. Node operators: We’re already in touch in the Node Operators’ Telegram group and many of you are already migrated. If you have questions, reach out there or on Discord. 
  6. Important notice–cheaters have been removed:  During the migration process, we identified and excluded users attempting to exploit the system by linking multiple email addresses to the same social accounts. These users will not be part of Phase 2.

We can’t wait to get started on this next phase of the testnet with you! Got questions? As always, the best place to go is the official Subsquid Discord server. Make sure to stay updated by following us on Telegram and Twitter