Subsquid Testnet Migration Marathon: Code Squids and Get Bonus Points!

We’re nearing the end of phase I of the Subsquid testnet, and so far, it’s been incredible! Over 30,000 individuals have deployed over 50,000 squid indexers to the network. Many of you—the most elite developers in the Subsquid community—have completed ‘special’ quests, migrating popular Subgraphs to the superior indexing framework… Squid SDK! 

In celebration of the holidays and our upcoming transition to the second phase of the testnet, we’re excited to launch the Subsquid Testnet Migration Marathon! We hope this event rewards you, our valued community, and helps to attract even more skilled developers into the ecosystem!

Event details 

Duration: 1 month (20.12.2023 - 20.01.2023) 
Number of migrations:
Rewards: 750 - 2250 $tSQD per migration
Register as a developer in testnet here (it’s not too late!)  
Bonus: The first ten individuals to complete a migration in the marathon get 750 $tSQD (points) extra!


  • Read each quest repo very carefully to understand requirements and acceptance criteria.
  • As previously we will accept up to 5 entries per migration.
  • Familiarize yourself with the rules of the Subsquid testnet, as outlined on the official CoinList information page
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Cheaters will be excluded from the Subsquid testnet and any rewards will be slashed.


Migrate Top Projects to Subsquid!

By participating in the Subsquid Testnet Migration Marathon, you will be helping to migrate some of Web3’s top projects to the most efficient and performant indexing framework. Not only will you be earning points, but you will be contributing to the decentralization of data access and the creation of a truly open internet! 

Migration tasks:  

  1. Friendtech (Gamified Social Finance)
    Link to quest
    Level: Intermediate
  2. Pepe (Meme)
    Link to quest
    Level: Intermediate
  3. PoolTogether (Gamified DeFi)
    Link to quest
    Level: Intermediate
  4. Tornado Cash (Privacy/Tumbler)
    Link to quest
    Level: Intermediate
  5. Lens Protocol (Decentralized Social media)
    Link to quest
    Level: Intermediate
  6. Farcaster (Decentralized Social media)
    Link to quest
    Level: Intermediate


The Subsquid Migration Marathon is for a limited time only, so now’s the time to get started! Beyond the rewards, this is your chance to have a real impact on the future of decentralized data, and your code may be part of a go-to API for Web3 builders. 

If you have any questions while working on the quests, do not hesitate to reach out to us on our official Discord server.

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