Subsquid Network Roadmap: Official Public Release

Disclaimer at bottom of article.

We are glad to announce the official release of the Subsquid Network roadmap. You can find the regularly updated document in the Subsquid Network Wiki, which also includes important information for network participants.

You can also find a network FAQ in Subsquid’s official documentation. If you would like to join the current private testnet by running a worker node, please fill out this form. Our team will reach out to you directly regarding your application.

Subsquid Network Roadmap

Following the ArrowSquid release this past May, which introduced the decentralized data lake architecture based on a network of worker nodes, the development of Subsquid has been divided into several eras, each named after pre-historic oceans: Mirovia, Panthalassa, Rheic, and Thetys.

The following is a visual representation of the Subsquid Network roadmap as of August, 2023.


The above roadmap and any documents attached or linked to this statement are intended only to provide a broad overview of the general direction of Subsquid and the Subsquid Network. The roadmap and these documents are intended for information purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract. These materials are not and should not be considered to offer a commitment to deliver any material, code, functionality, token, and should not be relied upon in making token purchase decisions or any kind of investment. All details related to the development, timing, or issue of any Subsquid feature or token remains at the sole discretion of Subsquid Labs GmbH.