Subsquid Multichain Indexing: Empowering dApps with Unified Data Access

Subsquid is excited to introduce Subsquid Cloud Multichain Indexing, a groundbreaking feature that adds a new dimension to Web3 development by providing builders with seamless access to fragmented data across multiple chains. With this capability, it becomes simple to index and serve data from smart contracts on any number of chains through a unified GraphQL API.

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Web3’s future hinges on embracing multichain architectures, which offer scalability, interoperability, and innovation. However, managing data spread across different chains has been a challenge — until now.

Developers can leverage the Subsquid Cloud’s multichain indexing feature to specify independent processors that run against a common schema. This streamlined indexing process ensures rapid data retrieval, which means developers can create robust decentralized applications (dApps) that seamlessly interact with data across multiple chains.

To see how this works, developers should visit the Subsquid Labs example repository. The feature is also documented in detail here.

To begin learning how to build with Subsquid from scratch, you can try out this easy quickstart guide. You can also get started by visiting the Subsquid Cloud managed service at