Subsquid Mainnet is Live

The Subsquid Labs team is excited to share that Subsquid is now on mainnet. This is the result of years of hard work building, optimizing, and testing the Network’s core infrastructure. Thanks to everyone who has been part of the journey–we are thrilled that network decentralization has truly begun. 

What’s new with Mainnet live? 

The biggest change with Subsquid being in mainnet now is that the network is being decentralized, allowing anyone to start running their own worker nodes, gateways, or delegate tokens to contribute to the network. 

This launch brings Subsquid closer to its broader vision of becoming the go-to data access layer for all of Web3, regardless of virtual machine or ecosystem.

Whether you are a developer, a data consumer, or just a casual community token holder, there are ways to get involved. 

Why and How to Get involved? 

First and foremost, Subsquid scales data access for any dApp. Demand for data will only increase with the ongoing fragmentation and adoption of crypto. By participating in Subsquid, you’re at the edge of innovating data access, contributing to future-proofing the industry. 

The easiest way to get involved is by delegating SQD tokens to a worker node, curating the best, and receiving rewards in return. For a guide on how to do that, go here.

For those more technically inclined, you can run a worker node that retrieves data from our data lake, and answers queries by data consumers. Here are the technical requirements and a tutorial for getting started. 

Other infra providers or projects that want to host their own gateways or a public gateway can learn more about the benefits and find a guide for that here.

What is a Delegator & how to delegate

What is a Worker Node & how to run one 

Consuming SQD Network Data & running a gateway

What’s next? 

Subsquid Labs is focused on integrating further virtual machines such as Bitcoin, Cosmos, and MOVE, entering new partnerships, and growing the number of projects that use Subsquid for all their data needs. Make sure to follow official Subsquid socials to stay up-to-date: