Subsquid adding support for Etherlink

We’re excited to share that we’ve added support for Etherlink to our decentralized data lake. This means, anyone building on Etherlink will be able to use the Subsquid SDK to quickly build indexers and access all the on-chain data they need to run their app for free. 

What is Etherlink? 

In an already crowded world of Layer-2s you might wonder, how is this one different? Etherlink is an optimistic, EVM-compatible rollup that is launching its mainnet soon. What differentiates Etherlink from other optimistic L2s is that it’s designed to be the most decentralized EVM-compatible Layer 2 solution out there, with guaranteed low fees (think $0.01 per transaction rather than $20). 

Furthermore, unlike other rollups, it will be integrated into Tezos layer 1 as an “enshrined” rollup. Something that is hotly debated for rollups in the realm of Ethereum. Enshrined simply means that it’s sitting at the protocol level - reducing any smart contract risks. 

With Etherlink,  communications between the L1 and other rollups are standardized, even if those have different execution environments. This not only improves interoperability and compatibility, it ensures seamless interaction between Layer 1 and rollups, allowing for efficient and scalable off-chain processing of transactions while maintaining consistency and reliability across different rollup implementations.

Additionally, users will benefit from MEV protection from credible neutrality because only protocol-wide governance can affect changes in the rollup. 

Our collaboration

Throughout our collaboration, we’ll make on-chain data from Etherlink available for all the builders using our SDK. This, in addition to the direct support offered by the team behind Etherlink, offers devs building on the new L2 yet another powerful tool. 

For more information on Etherlink, check out their website,  and follow on Medium and Twitter for the latest updates.