Earn $SQD Points: Get Your Share of Subsquid’s Very First Airdrop!

Today, we are excited to launch the Subsquid Points Program, aimed at rewarding developers and users contributing to the long-term development and testing of Subsquid Network.

To celebrate this milestone, our partners at CoinList have announced their Subsquid x CoinList Rewards Campaign, lasting from 15 April to 15 May. To join that campaign and get a share of our very first airdrop, follow the link below: 


The Subsquid token ($SQD) will be released during  TGE, which will occur on or around May 15th, 2024. 

This initial rewards program is an opportunity for participants to ‘get in ahead’ of the rest of the community before launch. Beyond the airdrop, the points earned in this campaign are on-chain and immutable and will likely be used for future events. 

Subsquid x CoinList Rewards Program

Dates: 15 April - 15 May

Snapshot: 13 May

Participation Link: https://points.subsquid.io/

Full rules: Link 

Campaign partners: CoinList, OKX Wallet, Arbitrum, Lava Network, CORE, DeForm, CyberConnect, NEON EVM, Galxe, Stack.so and more coming soon! 

What Are $SQD Points?

$SQD points are on-chain loyalty points created using the Stack protocol. There are many advantages to this, including:

  • Reusability: $SQD can and will likely be re-used in future Subsquid airdrop campaigns. 
  • Redeemability: It is very easy for us to build transparent and on-chain reward systems that turn the points into real $SQD. 
  • Bridgeability: While the points will initially be deployed using the Stack protocol, we may eventually choose to move them to another on-chain location, depending on the community's needs.

How to Earn 

For this initial campaign, we have worked with CoinList and a long list of partners to develop a series of off- and on-chain quests. You can find them here.  

The principal for this campaign is simple: the more tasks you do, the more points you get –and later real $SQD rewards!

What’s Next? 

The initial release of the $SQD token will occur on or around May 15th. Prior to that date, there is a lot to look forward to! This will include the launch of the Thetys era of Subsquid Network–more info about this soon! Stay tuned.