ArrowSquid for Polkadot: Data Superpowers for Substrate Devs

We are proud to release ArrowSquid in public beta for the Polkadot ecosystem. Already used by hundreds of projects on EVM, ArrowSquid for Polkadot offers by far the most advanced indexing toolkit for Substrate chains.

It literally gives superpowers:

  • Blazing fast indexing of traces and storage diffs w/o an archive node. The implications are endless — validator/staking rewards, XCM transfers, frozen balances — everything that required tedious and costly RPC call can now be efficiently queried, filtered and aggregated in batches.
  • Support for unfinalized blocks with automated rollback handling. True real-time experience for dApps is now unlocked.
  • A powerful type system and a fully reworked typegen. Now developers can extract only the necessary pieces of data from events and transactions with a surgical precision. One can mix generated and manually defined types! The flexibility allows to make forward- and backward- compatible squids, handling runtime upgrades like a breeze.
  • Easily access the full trace of calls or the wrapping extrinsic data from an event and vice versa — thanks to the new design of the indexing context interface.
  • Native support for indexing internal calls — no more manual onwrapping of batch, proxy or sudo extrinsics.
  • Support for RPC-only data sources. Squids now can work even without a Subsquid Archive! Super easy setup for indexing local and dev chains.
  • Blazing fast SKALE codec and a metadata service. Simply 10x faster decoding then polkadot.js.
  • Lots of quality-of-life improvements like native ss58 address handling.

This is still a beta, and the full documentation is still being prepared. If you would like to participate, please reach out to us in the SquidDevs Telegram chat, or in the developer chat on our Discord.